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We’re pleased to announce the launch of RedTech Tribe!

This new business and technology platform for the international radio and digital audio industries will launch in September.
We inform those who are searching for detailed technical and product information
We connect professionals who want to keep abreast of business trends and strategies
We exchange information on topics related to studio and RF gear, programming, imaging and podcasting
Created by multicultural professionals especially for the international radio broadcast and digital audio industries, RedTech covers the latest trends and developments impacting the global radio and audio sectors and circulates to executives who manage and operate radio stations, networks,
sales houses, music production companies, and more.

Want to share feedback as we develop this exciting new platform?
We’d love to hear from you! As we prepare for the thrilling launch, we’re seeking story ideas on topics that are affecting our industry.
Write to us at team@redtechtribe.com.

As an international community for the professional radio and audio industries
and with contributors located in every corner of the universe, RedTech Tribe is built upon the philosophy of informing, connecting and exchanging.

We connect the global radio and digital audio industries at a local level.
  • We offer a news website that is updated daily
  • We publish a bimonthly paper and digital magazine
  • We send a weekly newsletter with all the latest news
  • We provide information on the global radio and digital audio industries
  • We reach the global radio and audio industries, including radio stations, manufacturers, resellers, sales houses, audio and music production companies
Want to learn more about our special introductory advertising and sponsorship opportunities?
Contact us at
RedTech BV
Lekstraat 88-A, 2314 VJ Leiden, The Netherlands
team@redtechtribe.com | +31 6 20 61 87 69
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